Why Have Friends?

Why have friends? That’s my question for today.  Do any of you want to respond?  If so, leave a comment…

Today, as I was remembering everything I have been through with my friends and how some have drifted away while others still remain strong, I realized why having friends is important.

SMILE.  An important simple factor that changes everything among friends is a smile.  When you first meet, what do you do?  You smile, of course.  A smile changes everything because it is one of the first nonverbal communication signals that you express and share with another individual that you don’t know yet.

CONNECTION.  When you have spoken with that person or several individuals, that make you feel like you will all get a long, you feel an instant connection.  Feeling a connection with that one person or group of people is very important because you know whether that relationship that is being built will last for a short or long period of time.

SELF-ESTEEM.  Once the relationship, or I should say, friendship is established, you begin to experience a boost in self-esteem.  Having a high self-esteem is very important because it helps maintain the status of the relationship.  Here is where the meaning of a true friend comes into play.  If you are going through difficult times, fall under stress, feel depressed, or just simply out of it, your friend or friends can help you raise that self-esteem up and make you feel like you’re the best!

DEPENDABILITY.  There comes a moment in life when you go through an extreme moment, where you may feel lost, confused, and can’t seem to find a bright side of things.  Well, having a friend or friends that you can depend on makes things a hundred times better.  Having dependability from that one friend strengthens your relationship because you know that they will be there for you through thick and thin.  They can help you solve tough situations and just brighten your day, even when you think there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to laugh about, somehow they will manage to brighten things up.

LOVE.  Not the type of love between a couple, but I mean the type of love between two friends, between a group of people who have built a strong connection, who see each other like family, and who dare do anything for one another no matter what the circumstances are.  The importance of reaching a sense of love for your friend or friends changes all aspects of that friendship because you know that it will not be dissolved easily.  Even if years go by, and for whatever reason you grow distant from each other; however, one thing that will maintain you connected with that person or group of people, is the love you all felt for each other.

That’s the beauty of it all.  The sense of love in a friendship creates a whole new meaning of the word friendship.  It is what makes that friendship last a lifetime.  It is what makes you treasure those wonderful memories for as long as you can.  It is what makes that friendship unique from all the others because you know that you may have tons of friends, but really at the end of the day, you know you only have that one or two or even three friends you can truly count on.

Therefore, after I asked myself, why have friends?  This is why, because friends make your life so much better.  Don’t forget to choose your friends wisely and follow your instinct because you can never go wrong (in most cases).


About marialvenegas

I am a recent graduate from CSU East Bay! I earned a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Professional, Public, and Organizational Communication. I am an outgoing person who likes to meet new people. I enjoy writing research papers about different areas of communication. I love to dance, be with family and friends, and enjoy the good things in life. Feel free to ask me any questions about me or my blog! You are in for a ride...Enjoy!

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  1. Great post Maria. To answer the question I have friends because of just like you said dependability. One of my best friends Erica has been there with me through thick and thin and has got me out of some of the worst times of my life and having that dependability is why I have friends, because you always need someone that will always be there for you no matter what.

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