Why Be With Youth?

  About six years ago, I discovered a youth group in the small town where I live.  Being somewhat of the “new kid” in high school, I did not know many people.  Until one day, an old friend who happened to move in the small town coincidentally at the same time I did, invited me to go to this youth group that she had become part of.  In my mind I thought, “What’s the point of going if I don’t know anybody!”

Well, surprise surprise, that was the whole point about youth group!  It was a place and still is a place where you can meet new people, make new friends, socialize and share your stories and experiences; but most importantly, the point of going to a youth group is to keep you off the streets and out of bad situations.  So I ask you this, why be with youth?

My answer.  Because being with youth makes your life a whole lot brighter!  You constantly laugh about things and about life in general.  Because being with youth brings out the young person that we all are inside.  Because being with youth makes you feel YOUNG AGAIN!  Being with youth is like being invincible; you are capable of doing anything you want without feeling like nothing can stop you from doing it.

I have been working with youth for a little over four years and I love it!  It really reminds you of what life as a teenager is, especially if you already went through your teenage years, then it makes you feel like an expert at life’s problems.  I have met many young teens who have been through tough situations, some more critical than others, and some not so extreme.

However, not all work with youth is intense and that’s the beauty of it!  Being with youth, around youth, talking to youth, and sharing life’s moments with youth makes life seem so simple…


About marialvenegas

I am a recent graduate from CSU East Bay! I earned a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Professional, Public, and Organizational Communication. I am an outgoing person who likes to meet new people. I enjoy writing research papers about different areas of communication. I love to dance, be with family and friends, and enjoy the good things in life. Feel free to ask me any questions about me or my blog! You are in for a ride...Enjoy!

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